Shattered Heaven Season 2 Prep: Introducing Heather Pertencia (Amanda Kay)

Season 1 is over and now it’s time to move forward. There are tons of things that need to be done before properly moving forward into season 2’s production. As a creator, season 2 is something I’ve been looking forward to since I rebooted the series. It’s where the main story begins, and as such, a lot of the main characters for the series make their proper introductions.

To start off some of the season 2 prep work I’m going to be introducing a lot of the new characters that are going to be debuting in season 2.

Heather Pertencia

Voiced by: Amanda Kay

Age: 19

Debut: Episode 7

Blue Angel

About Heather

Daughter of a revered solider in the Alliance military, Heather lived a life of military discipline. Being surrounded by the life, while growing up she knew of nothing else and as a result, only had one goal when growing up. Heather always looked up to her father, wanting to do nothing but live up to the name he had given her. Often reserved, she prefers to focus on the mission and ending the war on Mars more than anything else. Because of this, she tends to be naive when it comes to social matters. Kindhearted and strong, she relies on her precision accuracy from long range to offer strong support for her allies.

Heather_cockpitWhile she keeps to herself, she has formed a strong friendship with her partner over the years, Caleb Proditio. She met him when she was first assigned to a unit under the leadership of Nathan Gelidus. Both sharing a rather quiet persona, they became quick friends. Heather’s sniping skills would often lead to quick endings to tough missions. Even though she prefers to focus, she does have a sniping wit to match her combat abilities. But behind her strong stature, she is often fighting the pressures of living up to her father’s reputations. Always having to fight off comparisons to him, both good and bad.

 Modern Interpretation

Heather is a complex character that has been redesigned, both design and personality wise. She was originally a part of the first web series, but in essence a completely different character.

As she appeared in the 2007 web series:


Heather’s updated look.


A lot of her changes mainly come from an updated art style, but her Frame design was completely overhauled.

171217_199059596772116_1378562_oPrecision Huntress

When updating Heather for the modern animated series I knew I was going to go in a much different direction for her. She displays a varied amount of emotions, ranging from quiet and humble, to sardonic, to insecure. There is no “Set” personality for Heather, her emotions are dependent on the environment and situation that she is currently in. When going for the updated version of the character, I had a few talented actresses in mind, but ultimately I had a feeling I was going to end up with Amanda Kay. A friend and talented VO, her vocal texture and personality fit perfectly with the envisioned interpretation for the modern take on Heather Pertencia.

There’s a lot to her character that I’m looking forward to in season 2. She’s a fun character and a great addition to the main cast of characters.

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