Shattered Heaven Season 2 Prep: Introducing Caleb Proditio (Matt Shipman)

Caleb actually debuted in Episode 2 “Measuring Up” talking to Amy’s father, Harold. But it was more of an early cameo/foreshadowing for later things that would be brought up in season 2. So while he already has technically debuted, I consider Season 2 his proper debut into the series.

Caleb is a character that has gone through a lot of revisions. Much like Amy Caecus, he was redesigned once he was assigned a voice actor. The most recent rendition of this character is easily the most fun. Being promoted to being a foil character to Adam Novus, Caleb has become a tremendously important character in the series. Because of this, I’ve been really excited to get him into the main animated series.

Caleb Proditio

Voiced by: Matt Shipman

Age: 19

Debut: Cameo/Episode 2 | Full/Episode 7


About Caleb

Little is known about Caleb Proditio from before he joined the Alliance in AR 96. Reclusive in nature, Caleb’s presence in the Alliance has been meek at best. An extremely capable Frame pilot, he has always done only what was necessary to complete his mission and nothing more. Often viewed as an explosion waiting to happen by his peers, Caleb has continually dismissed the murmurs of others and kept to himself. It wasn’t until he was partnered with Heather Pertencia in AR 97, that Caleb began to interact with others. Finding a trust in Heather that he never found before, he slowly started to let some of his lighter personality traits slip out. In his downtime away from missions, Caleb relieves his stress with boxing, and even the occasional card games.

Caleb BoxingHe has been known to have a close, almost fatherly relationship with Alliance Foreign Affairs Diplomat, Harold Caecus. Caleb would sate Harold’s quest for knowledge about the war on Mars as much as possible. Establishing a close bond from similar world views and a desire to see the conflict end, Caleb’s own ambition in the Alliance changed. Originally something that was simply a pursuit of meaning, his campaign as a Frame pilot transformed into one of conspiracy and searching for the truth. Inspired by Harold and the empathy he had towards Howard’s pain, Caleb began to show more of his skills in the Frame. His missions would end swiftly and efficiently. Something the higher ups took notice of. A chemistry between his close range abilities and Heather’s long range efficiency became one of the most sought after Frame teams in the Alliance.

After Harold’s death during the Alliance Entrance Exam, Caleb’s personality changes a little, dropping his reserved demeanor and becoming more of an¬†instigator. Fully acknowledging his abilities in the cockpit, he decides to take a more hands on approach to the problem him and Harold discovered. When transferred to Stephen Novus’ unit, he is placed face to face with the man he views responsible for Harold’s death, Adam Novus. Caleb views Adam as naive, having entered the Alliance for the wrong reasons. Caleb often takes out his anger and frustration out on Adam in the form of subtle slights, all while suggesting that his knows much more about things on Mars than he’s willing to reveal.

Hit A Nerve

Modern Interpretation 

Caleb never got the chance to show up in the 2007 animated web series. He was scripted in, and back then was when Matt was cast as the character. But in the novels he was originally removed from the cast in the middle of the second novel, so there was no major role for the character in the animated series that took place well after the third novel. I realized that Adam never had a good foil character in the series. There were antagonists, people that had different view sets, but no one that was really close with him that fit the role of “rival”. Thinking back to that, I realized how Caleb was the perfect character to fit into that vacant hole.

Matt was and is the perfect actor for Caleb. Not just his vocal texture, but his charisma and energy adds a depth to Caleb that was hard to ignore. Like Kira and Amy, Matt helped inspire me to do more with Caleb, and the results have me excited to have him on display in season 2.

PizzaDespite Caleb’s issues with people, he fits right into the main male cast of characters to help establish a brotherly bond between them all. Something that will be on display during season 2 and into season 3. With Adam coming out of the Exam and everything that happened during it, Caleb is the character that unknowingly helps keep Adam grounded.¬†Twin BladesUnexpected Help

With Caleb comes a lot of high paced action sequences that are going to be a challenge to animate, but fun at the same time.

I fully expect Caleb to become a fan favorite in season 2.

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