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Sorry I’ve been pretty bad keeping everyone up to date about the state of Shattered Heaven.

I’m going to break down what’s been going on since the finale release this August.

Art Improvement

This one is pretty big. I’ve been going through an art refinement and growth spurt. Both illustration and animation wise. I’ve been doing a lot of season 2 preparation, refining character looks, body types, character sheets, etc.

post_card_5x7-girlsfall caleb-body4-color adam-body5-color karin-kick-color karin-full sharon-full adam-full

I’ve also completely moved away from Flash as an animation tool and moved over to Clip Studio. As a result, animation quality will now match all illustration quality. No more Flash hiccups.


Clip Studio:15326022_10100971105149721_4256515848284438347_o

You can see the result in the released Epilogue to Act 1.

Season 2 Script Prep and Voice OverĀ 

This is still ongoing, but I’m reviewing and updating all of the season 2 scripts and getting them ready for the cast to record. I’ve already gotten some lines for early episodes and am currently working on some scenes.

Dragon Star

The current animation priority. With the art growth period, production halted a bit so it would benefit from the improved art style and animation process. There should be a preview before the end of the year.


The first Shattered Heaven novel is getting a complete overhaul to match up with the universe created/refined in the animated series. That should be out early 2017 along with an updated book 2.

2017 is going to be a big year. Dragon Star will be out, season 2 will have some trailers, new music and a few other things I can’t go into just yet.

But I’ve been busy, extremely busy.

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