8/9 Updates

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It’s been a while since I’ve made an update post. Sorry about that. Things have been pretty chaotic by me so finding the time to really sit down and write an update out. There’s really been nothing major or drastic, it’s been the same for the last month. Episode 6 has been with my sound designer and I’ve been chipping away at Minisode 4’s animation.

The blessing of working with other professionals is that the quality of the work will be on a professional level. The drawback is that we all have other jobs or projects we work on for money. So sound design has taken awhile because of these sort of things.

That said, we are aiming to release the Act 1 Finale, Episode 6 on Tuesday 8/16. If for some reason that isn’t going to happen, I’ll have another update or notification in regards to that. But currently, that’s what we’re aiming for.

Minisode 4 – Currently the clean up animation is around 70% done if I had to give it a percentage. There’s only a minute left in the 3rd scene and the final scene is only 2 minutes long and has no dynamic animation. Looking to wrap that up by the end of the week.


The future of the series: I’ll be uploading a 3 year anniversary video on Sat 8/13 where I’m going to be discussing what’s going to happen post Act 1.

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