Shattered Heaven is an epic sci-fi series created by Christopher Tilford. The series started out as a novel and spawned into 6 books. The first book, "Sins of the Soul" is available on Amazon and the second, "Shadows of Existence" will be available this summer. The series has also spawned audio shorts and an animated web series.

After years of exploration and terraforming, Mars has become stable enough to sustain life. New resources have been uncovered and a race for their exploitation has begun. The year is A.R. 100, a century after humanity's run in with the threat of extinction. War rages on the Martian surface between the two allied governing nations of the world, the Trinity Alliance and the Euro-Asian Pact, while war machine developers such as Genesis reap the benefits with their contribution to the world in the form of mechanized frames; giant robotic power suits piloted by brave men and women. Adam Novus, a teenage intern at Genesis finds himself aspiring for more out of life. Wanting to join his brother Stephen in the Trinity Alliance military as a frame pilot he trains with no restraints. Finally when he is given the opportunity to prove his skill tragedy strikes and he is quickly thrown into the dark, unrelenting chaos that is war.




Created by

Adam Tilford

Assistant Voice Direction/Casting by

Brittany Lauda

Script Supervision by

Heidi Tabing

Sound Design by

Natalie Van Sistine

Music Composition by

Johnathan Johnson



Adam Novus: Adam Tilford

Sharon Amare: Amber Lee Connors

Stephen Novus: Greg Nugent

Karin Dolor: Amanda Lee

Caleb Proditio: Matt Shipman

Veronica Laboro: Jessi Nowack

Heather Pertencia: Amanda Kay

Amy Caecus: Kira Buckland

Mike Aquilis: Carlos Moreno

Grace Cooper: Corinne Sudberg

Catherine Henning: Brittany Lauda

Sarah Henning: Holly Hampson

Chris Procella: Jeremiah George

Nathan Gelidus: Austin Lee Mathews

Harold Caecus: Kamran Nikhad

Christina Efflorenso: Michelle Deco

Sean Repens: Brian Gilbert

Jen Fama: Jasmine Carbonell

Lucius Malum: Ty Konzak

Severen: Nina Sumter

Irregular Pilot: Chris Niosi

Nicole Mest: Anairis Quinones

Marcus Falden: Mark Allen Jr.

Hayate: Penelope Sophia Smith

Sam: Jalen K. Cassell

Jack: Mike Varker

Violet: Sheila M. Gagne