Mike Aquilus

Age: 18

Voice Actor: Carlos Moreno

The middle child to a family of professional athletes, Mike has always had the importance of competition etched into his soul. From an early age, he found himself trying to live up to the potential that his older sister established. His parents seemed to praise his sister on a daily basis, while looking at Mike as a failure. When his younger brother was born, he slowly watched as his parents put more time and effort into him. Where they viewed Mike as a failure, they looked to his brother as their new hope for success. Because of his family's lack of empathy towards him, he decided to enroll into Genesis' Intern and schooling program when he was fourteen. His older sister helped him persuade their parents, and before he knew it, he was working for the world's leading Frame manufacturer. To make up for his feelings of worthlessness, Mike created an overbearing ego that would often come off as brash, disrespectful and uncaring. At Genesis, he quickly became fond of the VR training sessions and arena system. Using this as a place to let out his anger and frustrations towards his parent's indifference to him, he quickly began to rise through the ranks. But when he came across Adam Novus, he was quickly defeated. In Adam, he found someone that he could relate to. Adam also came across as a loner, since he didn't have any parents to go home too and an older sibling that was successful. Mike's competitive spirit became obsessed with beating him, and over time, the two became the closest of friends with a rivalry that was so intense that people would question if they were really friends.

Mike doesn't much care for the analytical work that comes with being an Intern and often is found day dreaming most of the times. He's also started up a rivalry with another Intern by the name of Grace. Mike goes through life looking to prove his worth and will often push his insecurities from home onto those he meets.