Karin Dolor

Age: 19

Voice Actress: Amanda Lee

Bio: Been around fighting her entire life. Her parents were military officers and rarely around. Karin spent her early years living on a variety of Alliance military facilities. While most kids were in school and acting like children, she was put into advanced training under her father's orders. From growing up on the "other" side of the fence, Karin has been privy to the reality of the world. While many people in Alliance nations have been fed false information to prevent them from learning the truth about the war on Mars, she has been actively working towards lending a hand. 

She has kept herself at a distance from her fellow pilots and operators, choosing to live in solidarity. When she was fifteen she joined her first engagement along with Stephen Novus. The two who were previously considered to be "loners" slowly began to connect with one another. Both lived under their parents shadows, while different scenarios, the effects their parents existence had over them was relatable. Over time, the two developed a sort of rivalry in the Alliance, both being considered up and coming aces. 

In AR 99, Karin was sent to Mars for the first time. Assigned to Evo, the Alliance's central hub on the Martian planet, Karin quickly became one of the most popular and admired pilots. But she quickly became overwhelmed by her desires to stand apart from her family. She was approached by an Alliance special ops informant about a surprise raid being planned on Evo by the EAP. Instead of taking the information back to her superiors, she gathered her closest friends to fend off the attack on their own. She first approached the other "Ace", Stephen Novus about participating, but he refused and pleaded with her not to go. Being hot headed and impulsive, she ignored him and went forward. 

During their approach to intercept the EAP forces, her unit was ambushed by EAP sniper units. She tried her best to deal with the situation, but the unbalanced team she led of melee units was quickly overpowered. She watched helplessly as her friends were gunned down without any thought. When she was the only remaining Frame left, the EAP changed their tactics and began to move forward with their main forces. Karin's Frame was in shambles but even with the damage, she continued to fight on. After running out of energy, her Frame powered down, leaving her blind. Karin decided to accept her fate, having been responsible for the deaths of her friends. Before she knew it, the EAP units were disengaged and the fighting ended. When what remained of her Frame was loaded onto the transport unit she was greeted by Stephen Novus. She was surprised to find out that he, alone stopped the EAP attack. Unable to hold back her emotions, she greeted him with anger and resentment, trying to place the blame of the massacre on him. Telling him that if he had joined in the first place that no one would have died. That day was when the two of them went their separate ways. Karin was later discharged from the Alliance's Frame division. Unable to walk away completely, she was transferred to the liaisons division and became an operator.