Grayson Shaw

Age: 20

Voice Actor: Gerardo Paz

Bio: Unlike the rest of his teammates around him, Grayson (also called Gray) grew up within EAP(EurAsian territories) while he wasa child. Him and his brother, Lenard, went their separate ways during their early teens as their parents divorced. Gray ended up in England and shortly joined the Alliance when his mother passed away. Gray has a quiet temperament, preferring to think things through with a sense of rationality. This leads him to be relied on as the peacekeeper in his Frame unit. Like Jayden, his calm demeanor and abhorrence of violence often brings his motive for joining the Alliance into question. Determined to find his brother once again, he joined hoping to travel to various countries. But the sudden introduction to the war on Mars pushed back his plans. Gray was a part of the team that Karin led at Evo. During the ambush his unit was severely destroyed and he was thought to have been killed in action. As a result of the battle, he lost his left arm and left eye. Both were replaced by mechanical limbs provided at a courtesy by Genesis. He likes to cover up these injuries due to his own insecurities about them..