Grace Cooper

VO: Corinne S

Age: 18

Grace is a fellow Intern at the world's leading Frame manufacturer, Genesis Global. She can be hot headed at times and is very confident in her own abilities. Her older brothers shipped off to the Alliance when she was younger, all focused on helping out with the conflict in the Middle East. Through her brothers, Grace became intrigued by Frames. She didn't care about the mechanical or engineering behind it, she fell in love with the adrenaline one would get from piloting. Always wanting to pilot one, she joined the Intern class and registered to be a test pilot for all prototype Frames being developed. Her natural affinity for competition led her to find a passion for the VR Arena set up Genesis had for the Interns. Most of the times while the rest of the group would be socially, Grace would be training or fighting other competitors in the Virtual system. Over time she noticed Mike Aqulis had the same sort of competitive nature and the two developed a rivalry in the arena. As it stands, she is one rank below him.