Episode 3 "The Diverging Paths"

Adam Novus and Mike Aquilis have their decisive match while the wheels of fate start to turn. Stephen Novus is cautious as news of the upcoming Alliance entrance exam has been brought to his attention by his operator, Veronica. The road to the diverging paths has been paved out and with no clue what the future has in store, Adam is left with shaking nerves.

Cast (In order of appearance)

Amy Caecus: Kira Buckland
Harold Caecus: Kamran Nikhad
Mike Aquilis: Carlos Moreno
Adam Novus: Adam Tilford
Grace Cooper: Corinne S.
Stephen Novus: Greg Nugent
Veronica Laboro: Jessi Nowack
Blake Allen: Tamtu Bui
Crystal Hill: Heidi Tabing
Grayson Shaw: Gerardo Paz
Karin Dolor: Amanda Lee

Extra: Piper Petrie

Music by: Johnathan Johnson "Projecttrinity"

"Broken Machine"
Written and composed by: Luke Thomas
Performed by: Amanda Lee