Amy Caecus

Age 18

Voice Actress: Kira Buckland

Bio: Born into privilege, Amy has had a rare understanding of the world that most do not. Her father, Harold, is one of the Alliance’s most renowned Foreign Relations officials. He is also the most hated. When Amy was younger, her and her mother would often travel and see the world with their father. A perk of her birthright. She was introduced to war too early when her mother was killed during a revolt in one of the Middle Eastern nations. She watched with her own eyes, her mother being killed while she was trying to help out an injured revolutionary. When she returned to New York, she was home schooled by her bitter father. Over time she began to despise those responsible for her mother’s death, but the reality blurred the line between the violent men and women from those nations and the innocent ones. She soon joined Genesis’ Intern department when she was 13 and worked along side many other students, such as AdamNovus.Working from within Genesis, Amy did her best to blend in and mimic proper social activity to hide the bitter resentment that was in her heart. While everyone around her was unaware of the war on Mars, she had to keep her pain and frustrations inside.She soon began to notice Adam’s own aspirations and desire to change the world. Learning that he too had suffered a loss at an early age, she began working to get closer to him. At times she would find herself enjoying the social outings that she had once thought of nothing but as a cover. She is constantly conflicted with thoughts of revenge and thoughts of living a normal life.