Veronica Laboro

Age: 19

Voice Actress: Jessi Nowack

Bio: An advanced strategist and psychology student, Veronica graduated to university at an early age. Only 16 she was scouted by the Alliance when an attack on her abroad campus occurred. Working on a thesis for her professor, she was studying the affects of the Alliance’s placement in the Middle Eastern territories on its people. During the attack she witnessed her boyfriend perish when one of the dorms collapsed. Thrown into a torrential sea of emotions, she acted on impulse and began to send live reports on the events to the university’s main office. She considered it the only way to keep herself from keeping breaking down. An Alliance General, FrankCopiare, intercepted her transmissions and began communicating with her. From that point on, Veronica began to create strategies based on the attacks from the terrorists. GeneralCopiarewas so impressed that he removed her from the school and placed her into his own regiment.

Veronica was eventually shipped to Mars in order to assist with the war with the EAP. It was on Evo that she met StephenNovusand became his operator. The two quickly became close friends.