Stephen Novus

Age 19

Voice Actor: Greg Nugent

Bio: When he was young, his parents and brother, Nicholas disappeared. Leaving Stephen with his younger brother, Adam and no place to go. They were taken in by Genesis and enrolled in a home schooling program. Stephen had vague memories of what happened before their parents disappeared, but it was never a clear enough memory. He often felt it was his responsibility to look after Adam. On occasion he would ask about his parents and each time he would be met with an unsatisfactory response. Professor MathewAmare, one of the Genesis employees who helped look after Stephen and Adam would often be the target of Stephen’s inquisitions. When Stephen was 15 he was recruited by General FrankCopiareinto the Alliance. Stephen’s superior intellect and surprisingly skilled ability in a Frame made it hard to ignore him. Stephen chose to join the Alliance hoping to get answers about his past. He was directed in that direction by Mathew after countless amounts of interrogation on Stephen’s part. He never disclosed why he joined the Alliance to his brother. Stephen felt that as the eldest, it was his responsibility. He wanted Adam to have a free life while he took up the burden of their past.

Before committing fully to the Alliance, Stephen made a deal with GeneralCopiare, but the details of the agreement were kept secret. Stephen was dispatched to Cuba with GeneralCopiareto give a hand with the Alliance’s 181st Independent Special Forces unit. It was his first mission, one that abruptly threw him into the reality of the world. Upon learning of the struggle between the Alliance and the EAP over resources, he quickly realized that his mind set had to change. His parents disappearance, in his mind, was connected to the war hidden from society. During the mission, to locate a kidnapped physicist, Stephen got his first taste of live Frame combat. The guerilla style tactics used by the EAP was rough and it forced him to adapt to an aggressive style of combat. His unit was overrun and left him alone with MarcusFalden, a Lieutenant in the 181st. While outnumbered, Stephen managed to devise a plan that forced the enemy units to trap themselves. From that point on, Stephen was referred to as the Crimson Knight, an ace in the Alliance. He later was transferred to Alaska where he met Karin Dolor. The two were loners at first, neither making much effort to engage in any social activity. But when EAP forces attacked the Alliance mining facility, the two quickly realized how compatible they were as a team. Stephen was able to respect her skills and quickly looked at her as a rival.

In AR 099, Stephen was transferred toEvo, the Alliance’s main hub of operations on Mars. When Karin received intel from a specialopsteam handled by VeronicaLaboro, she insisted that Stephen help her deal with the threat. Stephen who was already trying to keep a low profile in the Alliance due to his own ambitions declined the offer. He also did his best to convince Karin otherwise. When Karin went ahead with the unapproved sortie anyway, Stephen fought to get a rescue unit with the higher ups. VeronicaLaboroagreed to feed intel for Stephen. With Veronica’s direction and flow of information, Stephen managed to wipe out the entire EAP unit heading towardsEvo. He was able to save Karin, but unfortunately was too late for the other pilots he had become familiar with. His opinion of Karin changed at that point and he began to view her as the potential result of becoming too obsessed with power. He realized that obsessing over the mystery behind his parent’s disappearance could eventually bring him down a dark path. Instead he chose to work within the Alliance to hopefully bring about change. Afterwards, he was given leave and returned home. Upon returning home he learned of Adam’s desire to join the Alliance. Afraid of his brother becoming like Karin, he chose to fight with him in a VR session in hopes of turning him away.