With the Alliance entrance Exam over, where does Adam Novus go from here?
Episode 6 "Broken Promises"
The entrance Exam for the Alliance has taken a turn for the worse. Adam Novus stands in front of what he always considered to be his dream, but with an impossible wall blocking his way, will he be able to keep his composure and push through?
Episode 5 "The Howls of Despair"
The Alliance entrance exam is well underway. Adam Novus' dream is one step closer to becoming a reality. The exam seems to be going his way until his questionable exam-mates begin to act on their own agenda.
Episode 4 "The Exam"
After daydreaming about it for so long, the day has finally come for Adam Novus. The Alliance military's entrance exam. He has spent months preparing, but when he's thrown into the cockpit of a real Frame, how will he handle the pressure?
Episode 3 "Diverging Paths"
Adam Novus and Mike Aquilis have their decisive match while the wheels of fate start to turn. Stephen Novus is cautious as news of the upcoming Alliance entrance exam has been brought to his attention by his operator, Veronica. The road to the diverging paths has been paved out and with no clue what the future has in store, Adam is left with shaking nerves.
Episode 2 "Measuring Up"

When Adam Novus finds out that his soldier brother, Stephen has accepted a match with his direct superior in the Alliance, he is thrilled. But memories of his loss to Stephen months prior begin to chip away at his confidence.

Episode 1 "The Path Laid Out"
A hundred years has passed since the rebirth of humanity. A new world, born from a catastrophe of its own making. The world has grown and technology has advanced. Genesis Global, the world's fore front developer of mechanized frames continue to help educate new generations. The New Year is upon us. For each year, a new path is revealed.