Sean Repens

Age: 19

Voice Actor: Brian Gilbert

Orphaned at an early age and shipped from foster home to foster home, Sean never really knew what it was like to have a central family unit. When he was 15 he witnessed his first VR Frame match during a tour of Genesis' main facility. He became curious that the machines being used were virtual replications of actual Frames the company built and supplied to the Alliance military. From that point on, he continued to increase his studies in engineering, hoping to find a job in the field he had recently become exposed to. When the head of the foster home took notice, Sean was introduced to Mathew Amare, one of Genesis Global's leading developers. Mathew saw potential in Sean and enrolled him in the upcoming Intern class. Focused on establishing some form of security, Sean always paid more attention to his work while the rest of the class would socialize. It was this seclusion that eventually brought him closer with Christina Efflorenso. The two shared similar passions and hit it off quickly.