Minisode 5 "Solitude"
Before the entrance exam, Stephen Novus and other Alliance pilots are visiting Genesis Global for maintenance on their Frames. There they meet Sharon Amare, the daughter of the head of Frame development.
Minisode 4 "War"
It's been a week since the Alliance entrance exam. Stephen Novus was abruptly challenged to the serious sport of volleyball by Karin Dolor. With only a day left before heading back to Mars, Stephen accepts the challenge and drags Adam with him for the ride.
Minisode 3 "Suffering Soul"
Amy Caecus, daughter to the foreign affairs chairman for the Alliance, has been shouldering pain for years before she met Adam Novus. Before making the next step in her life, Amy reflects on what brought her to the present day, just before Adam's Alliance entrance exam.
Minisode 2 "Reunion"

After meeting up with Stephen Novus and Veronica Laboro, Blake Allen, Crystal Hill and Grayson Shaw prepare to head back to Mars. Before they can do that, though, they run into their former comrades, Karin Dolor and Jayden. The upcoming Alliance entrance exam has brought about a lot of questions.

Minisode 1 "Christimas"
It's Christmas Eve and Adam Novus is planning to spend it alone as he does every year. His Intern friends at Genesis however, have a different idea in mind.