Episode 6 "Broken Promises"

Synopsis: The entrance Exam for the Alliance has taken a turn for the worse. Adam Novus stands in front of what he always considered to be his dream, but with an impossible wall blocking his way, will he be able to keep his composure and push through?


Adam Novus: Adam Tilford
Stephen Novus: Greg Nugent
Amy Caecus: Kira Buckland
Irregular's Pilot: Chris Niosi
Karin Dolor: Amanda Lee
Veronica Laboro: Jessi Nowack
Nathan Gelidus: Austin Lee Mathews
Mike Aquilis: Carlos Moreno
Christina Efflorenso: Michelle Deco
Jen Fama: Jasmine Carbonel
Sharon Amare: Amber Lee Connors
Lucius Malum: Ty Konzak
Severen: Nina Sumter

Assistant Voice Director: Brittany Lauda
Sound Design: Natalie Van Sistine
Script Supervision: Heidi Tabing

Music by: Johnathan Johnson "Projecttrinity"

Ending Song "Broken Machine"
Performed by Amanda Lee
Written and Composed by Luke Thomas