Christina Efflorenso

Age: 18

Voice Actress: Michelle Deco

Considered by many to be a physics geek, Christina was intrigued by the idea of transferring into Genesis' Intern program at an early age. Growing up in a fairly large family, she had became accustomed to keeping herself occupied. Preferring to keep her nose in the books while her brothers and sisters we more active physically, she was pushed by her high school counselor to take the aptitude test for Genesis' entrance exam. When she passed in the top percentile, she was immediately found herself working alongside of the latest Intern class, consisting of Adam Novus, Mike Aquilis, Sean Repens and Jen Fama. A bit timid and socially awkward at first, Christina initially shied away from the louder Adam and Mike and gravitated more to Sean, who also seemed to be interested in the scientific end of the Intern program. Over time, her and Sean continued to grow closer through the projects they worked on together and began a relationship. She has become focused on her work and has made vocal, her plans on becoming a full time employee with Genesis after her Internship is finished.