Catherine Henning

Voice Actress: Brittany Lauda - Voice Actress


Bio: Catherine grew up within a supportive household, even if it wasn't her biological one. Growing up in a foster home was difficult for most, but for Catherine, she stood above her siblings. Observation was one of Catherine's preferred skill sets. She met the only person she ever truly considered to be her sister, Sarah when she was given up to another family. Catherine, being a year older would often take strides to protect Sarah's innocence. But as they grew and the world became unstable, she was forced to give up that crusade. Catherine joined the Alliance upon realizing what little attachment she had to any of her so called families. Feeling as if she didn't belong anywhere, it was the most natural path for her to take in her mind. To her surprise, Sarah followed suite and joined as well. Catherine has been a solid pilot since joining and is often considered the leader of her unit on Mars. Unlike most of the other young pilots, Catherine had no ulterior motive for joining, it was just something she was good at.