Shattered Heaven Light Novel: Too Close To The Sun

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Karin Dolor, a young ace mech pilot for the Alliance is constantly at heads with her superiors. A pilot with a rare level of skills, Karin is always looking for next challenge. But her hunger for action often gets her in trouble. When a plot is discovered that puts the Alliance base, Evo in danger, Karin decides to bring the fight to the enemy. A decision that puts not just her, but the rest of Evo in jeopardy.

Shattered Heaven was always, first and foremost, a novel series. The series grew towards a visual medium with the animated series and for many, that was their first entry into this world. This year, the series is going to return to the prose medium. The main novel, "Sins of the Soul" will be out in the fall. But another concept that will be explored will be Light Novels. Shorter works of fiction that will showcase other characters and events to help expand the world of Shattered Heaven.

Karin Dolor was a character created specifically for the animated series and quickly grew into a fan favorite. She was properly added to the world in the main novel and is a character that is worth exploring. Her past has been hinted at in the animated series but hasn't been properly touched upon. There is a future episode in season 2 that will show the events that made Karin the way she is, but let's also be honest for a second; that's going to take a long time for me to get there.

As such, the first Light Novel will be "Too Close To The Sun", a 25k small book that will focus on Karin's past. From when she joined the Alliance and met Stephen Novus, all the way up to when she first meets Adam.


The paperback will release sometime in the next month.