Blake Allen

Age: 22

Voice Actor: Tamtu Bui

Bio: Not much is known about Blake on record. He joined the Alliance when he was 16 and was stationed in the Middle East until he was twenty. Excelling at computer intelligence, he originally stayed away from Frames. It wasn't until the terrorist attack that took the life of his mentor, that he decided to use his talents to become a pilot. Highly skilled with Frame operating systems, he brought an unexpected talent to the table. Being able to adjust the OS parameters while out on the field made his piloting and limitations unpredictable. Blake likes to joke around and flirt with pretty much everyone, a lot of his exterior mannerisms hide the pain he carries everyday from the loss of someone close to him. He originally was in charge of his own unit, but an injury during a sortie put him out of commission as Karin Dolor took over. He was forced to watch Karin's failed mission from the sidelines. Unable to face her as she caused the death of a lot of his peers, he chose to transfer out of Evo. Blake prefers to plan thoroughly before moving forward.