Adam Novus

Age: 18

Voice Actor: Adam Tilford

Bio: Adam grew up around Frames since a young age. When he was young, around 7, his life changed. The years before became nothing but a blur to him, vaguely remembering his parents and his eldest brother, Nicholas. His parents and brother disappeared one night, leaving him and his other brother, Stephen alone, at the mercy of the social workers for Genesis. They were both looked after by their parent’s friends at the company and as they grew, were enrolled in a home schooling program run by the company. At 14 Adam watched Stephen be recruited by the Alliance as a genius, thus, leaving him to live on his own through the company’s resources. Shortly after, he joined the Intern class of Genesis and met friends MikeAquilus, SeanRepens, ChristinaEfflorenso,JenFamaand AmyCaecus. Over time they bonded and the group became inseparable.

During his stay with the Intern program, Adam worked closely with prototype Frames being prepared for export to the Alliance. His interest in these machines and their capabilities grew in nature. He started developing new operating systems that would assist the pilot when it came to complex scenarios that required quick thinking. His curiosity became even more piqued when Genesis opened up the Intern Frame VR Arena. A virtual competitive ranking system which allowed Interns to go against one another. Adam immediately enrolled and quickly became one of the top VR Frame pilots in all of Genesis.

While his energy for competition was high, he would often be mellow and keep to himself when the days would end. Growing up to a life without a family and support was something that kept him from completely fitting in. His friends were the first real bond he ever shared and in the back of his mind, he feared the possibility of losing them. He found himself even developing feelings for AmyCaecus, a girl who appeared out of reach. Even though she would act joyous and proper, he could tell she harbored a similar pain to him.

He soon found himself wanting more out of life after hearing about the Alliance’s plan to colonize Mars. One day when transferring new Frames to an Alliance exporter, he inquired about how to join. The man turned out to be a General for the Alliance and told him about the upcoming entrance exam. After that day, Adam’s work ethic changed and his VR sessions became more frequent. His social activity dwindled, much to the dismay of his friends who became worried. Mike, who had become a rival of sorts in the Arena, started to lose interest once Adam’s regiment and seriousness increased. To him, all fun was taken away. But to Adam, he looked at the change of pace as a way down a path to obtain power. A power that he’d use to protect everyone he cared about. More importantly, the bonds he had developed, bonds he never knew when he was younger. Amy started to take notice over time and even confronted him about his change in attitude. Adam told her it was nothing and was just a serious hobby. He still felt reluctant to open up. He began missing more and more gettogethers, choosing to spend his time in Genesis’ developmental hangar with their supervisor, Professor MathewAmare.

One day, his brother, Stephen came home on leave from the Alliance after hearing about his brother’s intentions from General FrankCopiare. Much to Adam’s surprise, Stephen sent him a VR training challenge. Adam immediately accepted. When the two engaged one another, Stephen came out on top, not even looking exhausted at the end. The defeat was the first harsh one of his life, Adam viewed it as the rejection of all that he was aiming to be. He took the defeat hard and skipped out on training for a few weeks. He took a vacation from Genesis and remained at him, in the loft he was provided with by the company. He snapped out of his depression when Amy showed up the night of her birthday, practically begging him to go out. When he did, he found himself remembering the bonds he had established and his ultimate goal. He went back to work and trained even harder and secured his spot at the top of the VR Arena once again. Adam chose become a Frame pilot, all for the sake of helping expand humanity into the stars.